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Things to AVOID inside the CINEMA – by Jadee Dafielmoto

1. SEX
– It is either you both are pervert or exhibitionist. Sex is sacred, thus should be intimate, unless papansin kayo at gusto nyo na kayo ang panuorin. But still, this is a cheap gesture, to benefit from it sana may admission fee to watch your sexcapade!

2. Too loud kissing noise
– Kissing is normal (I do that Haha) but please have some decency when doing it. Wag naman sana mas malakas pa ung sound ng kissing nyo kesa sound effects ng palabas.

3. Moaning (Ungol)
– This is a very No No! This leads to 3 idea.
1. You’re possessed while watching a romantic film
2. You’re having a heart attack that you have problems breathing.
3. You’re just a F*** sex maniac and attention seeker.

4. Cam-whoring
– Taking video clips of the movie is punishable by law. Also, taking selfie (w/ flash) during the movie and even do a short video documentary of what you’re watching is ridiculous.

5. Half-naked (Lower portion)
– This is in line with rule#1. Please be discreet and also you better watch the least entertaining movie or horror film, that way you have more chances of winning (Advice ko lang haha)

6. Under the influence of drugs|Alcohol
– Perhaps you will not enjoy the movie at all and|or bigger posibility of you making a scene.

7. Third Party
– If you see a couple and there’s a seat right next to them please spare away from seating. If meron pang ibang upuan please do sit there. Also, kindly avoid chatting to a stranger dahil nakakairita ang maingay sa sinehan lalo na hindi naman kayo magkakilala. Privacy policy and self-respect please.




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