Fearless Duterte Supporter slams Edwin Lacierda: Yung Presidente mo nga lahat ng pinangako ay napako!

Fearless netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes on Tuesday slams former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda after criticizing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Twitter.

“He had problems he vowed  to solve in 6 mos. (months) What happened to SONA promises? #MgaDigongPangako #SilentNoMore” said Lacierda on his Twitter post dated February 28.

“Did you really expect the President to be able to clean up in 6 months all the mess that the past admin built up in 6 years?” said Ms. Reyes.

She then enumerated to Lacierda the accomplishment of President Duterte and his team during his 6 months in the office.

“Oi, Mr. Lacierda, FYI ha. 6 months into office, PRRD & his team has accomplished the following.”

» 1,250,000 drug surrenderees
» Tens of thousands of drug addicts now under rehab
» Busted several drug laboratories & mega factories
» Neutralized (jailed/prosecuted or killed in police operations) hundreds of known drug personalities
» Significantly brought down crime rates (which by the way has tripled during your reign!)
» Suspended (and now under investigation and/or prosecution) hundreds of police scalawags

She added, “Yung Presidente mo nga lahat ng pinangako ay napako! FOI, MRT, etc. Pati na pagpapasagasa sa tren, di rin tinupad.”

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes



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