Duterte Is “Heaven Sent” Nueva Ecija Mayor Doesn’t Know How The Philippines Would Live Without Duterte

There is no one qualified enough to fix the situation of our country other than President Duterte. This is what Nueva Ecija mayor Emerson Pascual feels. The politician has described Duterte to be “heaven sent.” Our country was in a bad situation when the president was elected into office. Pascual didn’t know what it would be like now if it weren’t for our leader.

The president’s war on drugs is something to be praised. Mayor Pascual said that this was something that past presidents and their administrations couldn’t do. “Not because President Duterte is my ally but I salute him for all the things he has done,” Pascual said.

The mayor lost two siblings in a violent crime years ago. The mayor continues to praise Duterte, saying that he was “heaven sent” to fix the crime situation in our country. He even scores the president a perfect 10.
Mayor Emerson Pascual is a member of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption. He lost his two brothers, Erickson and Ebertso, when they were gunned down in their own Gapan Coliseum and Cockpit Arena. It was during a derby back in 2006 and three other innocent bystanders were killed.

The mayor was also almost assassinated back in 2013. There were gunmen that fired at him and the incident killed four people, including a student. With all of these experiences, Pascual believes that it is only Duterte that can save our country.

“There are some who are criticizing him. But, let us just imagine in case he did not become the President. Other past presidents did not do what President Duterte is doing now in the war against drugs,” Pascual said.

He believes that what the president is doing made his city a safer place to live in. The mayor also started “Buhay Pagbabago,” as a means to help the war on drugs. This is to create a better life for those who surrendered. They are also taught basic skills to help them re assimilate into society.

Source: Facebook | Pinoy Trending



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