“Cardo Dalisay in real life” Off-Duty Police kills hold-upper and save the lives of other passengers inside bus in Quezon City

A hero cop saves the passengers from an armed hold-upper inside a bus on Edsa in Quezon City early Tuesday.

The man declared robbery while their bus was approaching Quezon Avenue flyover at around 3 a.m and instructed the bus driver to keep the bus moving while pointing his gun to the passengers.

Despite of the risk of being shot by one of the armed hold-uppers, Police Officer 2 Joselito Lantano of PNP Security and Protection Group who’s off-duty on that day fought the an armed criminal to do his mission to protect the innocent civilians.

He was wearing civilian clothes at that time, fortunately he’s carrying his gun.

PO2 Lantano decided to end the life of the armed hold-upper before the latter discovered that he’s a police officer and armed.

“Tumingin ako sa likod tapos nakita ko siya(hold-upper) nakatutok na yung baril niya sakin, babaril na kaya inunahan ko na” He said.

Three shots later and the gunman was dead.

After that Lantano checked if the gunman had accomplices inside the bus and he shouted: “”Walang tatayo sa likod kundi puputukan ko kayo!”

Some bus passengers pointed out two men carrying a gun and bladed weapon, the two were identified as James Medrano and Mark Lee Mahinay, but they denied that they were involved in the hold-up.

Quezon City Police District Director Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar said that he would file recommendation for Lantano’s promotion because of his heroic act.

A passenger also narrated what happened inside the bus and how PO2 Lantano saved their lives.

One of the passengers of the bus, thanked PO2 Lantano for saving their lives. Photo: Paulo Nazareno

“Sobrang laking pasasalamat naming lahat na pasahero sa Diyos kasi di kami pinabayaan at sa magaling pulis na tumulong samin. Kung walang pulis sa bus hindi malabo na lahat kami wala na ngayon,” Paulo Nazareno wrote.

Netizens also praised the heroism of PO2 Lantano and they are hoping that he would receive a reward for his actions, he was also labeled as “Ricardo Dalisay in real life” of Probinsiyano by the people who praised him.

President Rodrigo Duterte repeatedly ordered the cops to shoot the criminals if they armed and if they felt that their lives is in danger which criticized by the human rights groups.

Commission of Human Rights is not yet giving any statement on the actions of PO2 Lantano who admitted that he fired first at the armed criminal.



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