This OFW in the UAE Who Was Sentenced to Death Was Granted Clemency!

The life of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) can be tough. The loneliness of feeling homesick, in addition to grueling amount of work that they endure just to please their foreign employers, is enough to break even the strongest of wills. However, these brave souls endure just so they can make enough money for their families back home in the Philippines.

The struggles that OFWs face are more than enough, which is why it is always terrible to hear about OFWs getting sentenced to death abroad.

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Fortunately, there are some who get lucky. Just like 30-year-old Jennifer Daiquez, who was accused of killing her employer, a police officer in the United Arab Emirates.

After’s Daiquez’s conviction, she immediately asked for help from the Department of Foreign Affairs who provided her with legal counsel to help defend her case.

According to her statement, she killed the police officer while defending herself as he tried to s*xually assault her. Prior to the assault she was also burned, paddled, and hit with a bottle. As her employer tried to stab her with a knife she was able to get away. However, her employer kept chasing after her.

It was in desperation and fear that she stabbed her employer. Daiquez recounted what happened to her, saying:

“Nitong huli, doon ko na po siya nasaksak… Hindi ko po sinasadya iyon… Alang-alang sa buhay ko na makalabas nang buhay sa bahay niya, dinepensahan ko lang po ang sarili ko.”

Her defense argument was proven worthy by The Court of First Instance in Al Ain, UAE and the OFW was fortunately granted clemency. Daiquez was arrested in 2014, and was sentenced to death in 2015. After the ruling, she immediately filed for an appeal.

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Daiquez, has two sons here in the Philippines and went to work in the UAE in 2011 in the hopes of providing better lives for them

This is just another story of the pain that our fellow Filipinos are experiencing abroad. However, this also proves that there can be hope as long as you stand on the side of justice.

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