This Netizen’s Statement Addressed to His Fellow UP Students Regarding the Martial Law in Mindanao Quickly Went Viral Because of How He Wrote It. Read His Hilarious Post Here!

The recent declaration of Martial Law by President Rodrigo Duterte in Mindanao on the island of Mindanao has elicited numerous and contrasting reactions. Most of these reactions are serious but nonetheless still of good intentions.

A certain Norl Martinez took to Facebook his mocking take on the reactions of certain citizens, particularly UP students who have expressed opposition to the Martial Law.

He posted saying,

to all my UP friends making ingay out there, don’t be takot! let’s make baka!

here kami in mindanao particularly in davao, despite the martial law, we still have oras to make gala around roxas to make tusok of the fishball that’s making ikot around the kawali.

we even have oras to make kuha of selfies with soldiers and hindi kami scared to roam around.

what i could not make intindi is that may pa-placard pa kayong nalalaman matched with “im with the people of marawi.” why dont you kuha a flight and make your way to marawi and make sabi to the maute group to stop this war? you think they will make rinig of your kaechosan?

your special effects of kilos protesta and kandila lighting skemberlu will not make balik the buhay of the people who were killed and you cannot bring back the edifices na sinunog ng mga maute.

im sure, hanggang bunganga and social media lang kayo when it comes to defending our bayan… like duh! do you know how to make hawak of guns, make it putok, and make it patay the terrorists?

why dont you make sampal these terrorists with your branded bags, make them sagasa with your cars, or better yet, make kagat of them using your breyshesh?

gawan us a favor. make punta of marawi and catch all the bala out there, not you being skeptical of what is happening here because we are totally fine here.

bye, friends. i have to go starbucks na because the driver is already outside the school, making potpot of the car to make sundo of me. 🙂

PS: i’m letting you hiram of my tank so that you can defend yourselves when you are out there in marawi.

He wrote his statement in a “conyo” way as a way to sarcastically attack the anti-Martial Law protesters.

source: tnp.ph



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