President Duterte signed law requiring clean restrooms, free internet in transport terminals

President Rodrigo Duterte signed a measure requiring all transportation terminals and stops across the country to provide free internet services and clean sanitary facilities to passengers.

Duterte signed Republic Act 11311 on April 17. But copies of the document were only released Wednesday.

The law mandates the Department of Information and Communications Technology in coordination with the Department of Transportation and other concerned stakeholders to ensure that free internet is provided in transportation stations, stops, rest areas and roll-on/roll-off terminals.

Under the measure, operators of transport and RORO terminals should also provide clean sanitary facilities for passengers. These facilities include:

Separate restrooms for persons with disabilities, male and female passengers
Adequate ventilation and lighting
Safe, adequate and running water supply
Flush system
Toilet seat with cover
Lavatory with toilet paper, mirror, soap, hand dryer and door lock
Waste bin

Exclusive space for diaper changing
Owners will be prohibited from collecting fees from passengers for the use of regular sanitary facilities.

The law also mandates administrators of terminals to establish at least one lactation station, which should be separate from the sanitary facilities.

The upper house passed House Bill 1749 on July 24, 2018. It was adopted by the lower house as an amendment to House Bill 725 on January 29, 2019.

The bill’s principal author and sponsor, Sen. Grace Poe, hailed the passage of the law.

“Now, travellers and commuters can rest in the thought that after hours in traffic, they can find an oasis in transportation terminals through free internet connection and clean comfort rooms,” Poe said.

She called on for the strict implementation of the law and the consistent maintenance of the sanitary facilities.

source: philstar



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