MUST SEE: Student Complained About The Foul Taste Of This Chocolate Drink. When The Teacher Tasted It, She Immediately Poured It Out. What The Insides Will Disgust You!

Students need nutrients for better learning in school and to keep up with school activities, especially to young children. This is why most moms or parents won’t let their kids leave home without having big and healthy breakfast. Some mothers also let their children bring snacks so that they won’t have to buy other food in the canteen during recess as they are not under their supervision. But is it being careful enough?

A netizen and a school teacher posted photos and a video of a chocolate drink on her Facebook timeline. The uploader’s aim is to spread awareness with regard to the beverage which was a packed snack of one of her students. Its expiry date was set to January 2018, but her student complained that it tasted foul.

When she tasted it, she immediately threw it out. According to her narration, the drink tasted disgusting and smelled like sewer. Too bad the student had gulped a few from the drink. She then advised parents to blend their kids’ drinks instead of buying somewhere else. She also suggested checking the beverage first before letting the children drink it.

via Facebook
via Facebook

In the video while she was pouring the drink out, it can be seen that the drink has a different texturecompared to its original appearance. The drink has unknown tiny bits inside and no one has any idea what these are.

As of this writing, the Facebook post has already garnered about 9,300 reactions and 40,215 sharesfrom online users. Some netizens thanked and lauded the school teacher for informing them about the foul drink.

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