Duterte: PH in trouble if Leni Robredo becomes President

The Philippines would be in big trouble if the current Vice President –Leni Robredo becomes the President of the country.

In two different speeches given by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte this was his warning to the nation.

“Oh ma’am, if you are President of the Philippines, we’re dead. You do not even read the book and that is the major policy,” the President said.

The Chief Executive has slammed the Vice president on her pronouncements without even reading and understanding basic laws which the as the second highest official land should atleast know.

All of this was Duterte’s reaction when he quoted from the Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act when he told policemen in Camp Crame in August that they may accept gifts of nominal value given to them by grateful citizens.

“I quoted the very words, antigraft and corrupt practices. There is an exemption there. Nominal. I use the word, nominal, out of gratitude. You know Filipinos are like that,” he said.

Duterte continues : “Then Leni says, ‘It’s illegal and unconstitutional.’”

Senator Ping Lacson along with Robredo were the very first ones to criticize the President for the statement he made.

Lacson using social media, warned that “Mr. President, insatiable greed starts with simple, petty graft. It could be more addicting than drugs. There is no detox, nor is there rehab facility available for addiction to money.”

source: PDI



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