Are your hands and arms feeling numb? That could mean a few things

Oncologist Dr. Isaac David Ampil II said that numbness of the hand to the arm is usually a nerve problem, but it can also be a sign of diabetes.

In a Pinoy MD episode on Saturday, he said, peripheral neuropathy, a nerve damage that leads to numbness, can be caused by diabetes.

However, the feeling of numbness can also be a symptom of another illness. Ampil said, “Maaring ‘yang nerve root problem sa leeg baka nak

According to Ampil, the numbness can be a sign of a stroke or some other tumor in the brain.

“Di talaga pwedeng baliwalain ‘yan,” Ampil warned and recommended patients who feel this to go see a neurologist to properly diagnose the cause of the numbness.

o-compress ‘yung isang nerve root kaya nakakapag-cause ng pamamanhid sa braso at sa kamay pero maaari din daw problema sa utak mismo.”

source: gmanetwork.com




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